About me

My name is Kirill Rodionov. I am a professional certified linguist. I started to learn English, German languages in the childhood. I graduated the school with a strong focus on German. Then I’ve completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts degree in German language (Technical translator from German into Russian), but during my studies at the university I also studied English. Moreover I have my own Podcast in English and German.
As for the Spanish language, I learned it by my self when I worked in the Putzmeister GmbH. I often visited the branch office in Madrid for trainings and in the future had a lot of contacts with colleagues from Spain.
Also, I understand Italian at a basic level.

My services

Translation, editing, proofreading
Technical documentation, user’s manuals, guides, handbooks, drawings, WeChat, What’s app, Telegram chats, chatbots, emails, support tickets
Commissioning, equipment repair, factory training, presentations, exhibitions, equipment installation, supplier search, meetings, calls, remote translation and online conferences / meetings via Zoom, Skype, call center support
Web sites/software localisation, creation
WordPress, Joomla, html, xliff, json, xml, csv, UI
Subtitling, audio/video transcription
Closed captioning (CC), SDH, Open captioning (OC), WebVTT, srt, acc, voice-over
AutoCad, Solidworks, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Muse, XD, MS Publisher
Copy-writing, transcreation, voice-over
Social networks, articles, blogs, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook business pages, vk.com, ok.ru etc.
Finding information / person / supplier / buyer / client
Culturalization — consulting on Russian culture

Translation fields

I am specialized in:
technical translation (hardware, manuals, electronic devices, technical equipment, online helps, etc.)
legal and law translation (general, contracts, certificates etc.)
financial and banking translation (any documents)
marketing and business (brochures, mails, commercial offers etc.)
tourism (booking websites for hotels, yacht booking, city guides, real estate etc.)
subtitles (incl. transcription, time coding, translation) for TV shows&series, movies, newscast, documentaries, corporate videos, training materials, tutorials, educational content, etc.

Contact me

E-mail: k.rodionov@aol.com
Skype: rkv197

I’m self-employed.
When necessary I’m ready to sign a contract or NDA and provide any closing documents.
Samples upon the request.